Ukraine is Able to Become a Strong Technology Power – Ashton Kutcher

15 September 2019

Ukraine can become a strong technology power after elimination of corruption and introduction of effective investment protection, believes American actor, presenter and producer Ashton Kutcher. He expressed this opinion at the 16th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting, “Happiness Now. New Approaches for a World in Crisis”, organised by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

“Everybody understands that eliminating corruption is very difficult, but if it is done over time, this will provide solid foundation to build up. Ukraine has many technical talents, and there are no reasons why it would not become a leading technology power. The country needs support and attention to the infrastructure, but over time, it will be able to move to a new level of development”, he said.

In continuation, Ashton Kutcher said that Ukraine needs also to introduce an effective protection of investment and fight cyber crime. “I have invested in many companies with Ukrainian founders, although all of them are based in the US. Unfortunately, there is much hacking in Ukraine. There are many attempts to interfere with functioning of the Internet, electoral and financial processes, originating from Ukraine. There must not be things like that. People need security to be able to invest in Ukrainian companies”, he said.

According to Ashton Kutcher, he has already shared his thoughts with new President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and feels optimistic.

In turn, American actress Mila Kunis expressed her opinion that Ukraine should work to expand as much as possible opportunities for its citizens, and especially children.

“I hope that Ukraine, like the US, will provide the widest possible opportunities for its people and thei rchildren. This is what has made the USA a special country, and it should be the same in Ukraine. Ukraine is wonderful, I love this country and its people. It is Ukraine that I have to thank for my parents, and I was born here too. It will be very good when Ukraine becomes more transparent. Let the war end and everything will be great!”, she concluded.

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