YES Brainstorming became Ukraine's first carbon neutral event

16 November 2021

YES Brainstorming organized by the Yalta European Strategy (YES) and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in Kyiv on September 9-11, 2021 became Ukraine's first carbon-neutral event. YES in partnership with KPMG in Ukraine calculated the carbon footprint of the event.

To neutralize greenhouse gas emissions from the conference, 287 linden trees were planted outside Kyiv schools and kindergartens and in adjacent areas.

This was the first step taken by YES towards sustainability, driven by the goal to inspire Ukrainians to change their lifestyle that leads to global warming and the loss and depletion of natural resources.

YES Brainstorming was organized in line with the zero waste principle while the amount of printed handouts was kept to a minimum.

Svitlana Kovalchuk, Executive Director of YES: "During the Brainstorming, YES did not only discuss possible ecological risk scenarios but also took the first steps towards solving urgent environmental problems. We hope that this, combined with awareness of negative consequences caused by human activity, will encourage decision-makers and opinion leaders to prepare for more radical changes. The changes that countries, societies and individuals need to make immediately to ensure they have a chance at survival."

YES Brainstorming is a new format event organized by the Yalta European Strategy (YES) and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Entitled “Post-COVID = Pre-Disaster? Steps to Survival”, the event featured an exclusive interactive conversation between the present and future leaders of Ukraine and some of the world's most renowned thinkers.

YES Brainstorming discussions are available at:

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Victor Pinchuk
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